start from scratch

Get scratching. I’m not talking about your ass! I’m talking about a scratch off. A mere coin is the only thing separating you from everything. Every dream, wonder, itch, fantasy, you name it. It’s all seconds away. Somebody has to win right? Any previous victor is no different, capable, or special than you. They just found the right place and right time.

I’ve got good news for you: this is your place and your time, because today, you are winning the lottery.

Take a moment to thank your great great great grandfather for choosing not to eat that interesting berry he found on the floor. Throw a shout out to your great granny for nursing grandma’s polio attack, she almost didn’t make it. Give some credit to gram gram for moving wherever she moved that one year to accidentally meet your gramps who confused her for an employee. F-it. Send a giant “Domo Arigato!” to your 16 GGG’s, your 8 GG’s, your 4 Grandfolks, and of course the two people that crafted you!

It took 30+ (more like thousands) of your G-parents to not only survive their multiple near death experiences, but for the brazillion decisions they made leading up to your b-day. One minute too late or too early, Gran gran would’ve never met Gramps, and GGGG gran gran would have drowned in the river. They really could have F-ed it all up for you! Phew right?!

The chances that you are alive to read this are miniscule. Far more surmountable than 1/ 175,223,510 (the chances of you winning the lottery). Scratch offs have nothing on you.

You’ve already won the lottery. Congrats! You made it. You are here. So get moving. Get living. Gramps didn’t skip that 5 day bender for you to sit on the couch! Every second you spend not doing something that progresses you forward is a slap in the face to GGGGGGGrandmama. She worked her cheeks off getting you here.

Any wonder, dream, desire, or itch that needs scratching deserves it. And so do you! Get scratching.